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Switch Phone

Self-initiated project
Completed: 2012

Switch phone is a new device which can speak emails, voice mail and music through the speaker of the charger for the people who work at home. When the cell phone is connected with the charger, the charger functions as a speaker delivering high quailty sound for conference call, music, and voice service. Transfering email into voice mail is based on Internet-based subscription service. Our body memory about traditional switch allows us to easily understand the functions. The phone acts as a regular cell phone which has full OLED screen that express users' identities when taking out the phone from the phone charger. When users put the phone into the charger it just functions as a simple device to make our work life easier.

The bent body that follows the natural line of human face allows the device to freestand easily to watch movie. Full OLED screen allows users to customize the phone to express their identities (music, art, hobby, etc... ) while holding the phone.
LED light on the back of the charger indicates that the device gets email or voice mail. Push down to hear email, voice mail, music through the speaker.